You’ve Run Your First Game. Congrats! What’s Next?

If everything went to plan, you are now an accomplished GM—congratulations! (If you couldn’t schedule your game this past weekend, don’t fret. There’s no hard deadline, or bad grade for “late work.” Feel free to read on, or come back to this post after you run your game.)

Hopefully it went well, and hopefully you agree with what we said in the very first session, back in early January: The secret sauce is nothing more than a little bit of prep and a nice helping of confidence. You did the prep, you gained the confidence, and you did it!

So, what’s next?

Well, for starters, please take a moment to fill out this quick survey. It will help us make the program even better, and better reach gamers who might enjoy the program next year and beyond. It will only take a couple of minutes.

Next: Hop on over to the New Gamemaster Month Discord server or the Facebook group, and share your experience.

Then: Do it again! Run another game. Maybe pick up with the characters and events from your first adventure (or a followup session to complete the adventure, if you weren’t able to get through the whole thing in one go). Or maybe run something completely new. Either way, it’ll be a lot easier the second time. And even easier the third.

Hopefully you loved it. And even if you were nervous, hopefully the joy outweighed the anxiety. As you run more games, that joy will only increase, while the anxiety fades away. So:

  • Get your game
  • Schedule it with your players
  • Brush up on your rules and setting a bit, if you’re not super familiar with them
  • Read your adventure, and spend a little time visualizing creatures, NPCs, and encounters (or design your own adventure, if you feel the creative urge!)
  • Gather your supplies (and snacks!)
  • And go for it!

Welcome to the world of GMing. Speaking for GMs everywhere, we’re really glad you’ve joined us. Go forth, run games, and enjoy!

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